How to order

How to order a portrait.    

When ordering a portrait please send a clear photograph, or a selection of photographs of the subject; this can be as an e.mail attachment, or post if you prefer.

If you require a portrait with more than one pet or person and you do not have a good photograph of them together, separate photographs may be used to make up the composition. In fact, this is most often the case for pictures which are to include multiple subjects.

Once your photographs have been received, I will contact you to discuss their suitability; and details regarding the portrait.

During the process of painting your picture I will keep you regularly informed of progress, and you will be able to view the portrait during that time by email and prior to my dispatching the completed portrait to you.

The timescale involved for the completion of your portrait will depend on the size of picture, medium used, and number of subjects to be included.

As a guide, a small portrait 12 x 16″ with one subject will usually take no longer than 2 – 3 weeks in pastel. In oil this will be approximately 3 – 6 weeks.

Workload is also a factor, and I will of course give you an expected completion date for the portrait before you proceed. It is recommended that you secure your commission of a portrait by booking as soon as possible as my list of work continually changes.

Any physical photographs supplied for your portrait will of course be returned to you.

Gift Tokens

Gift tokens may be purchased for whole or part payment towards a portrait. These can be very useful if you are considering giving a painting as a gift but have left it too late. Just let me know the amount you would like the gift token for and your message for the intended recipient.



Simply send me your photograph(s) and let me know your requirements…

Golden retriever and black Labrador Photo

…and I will produce your portrait.

16 x 20 double portrait in oil, £250.

Golden retriever and black Labrador Dog portraits

Golden Labrador puppy  and black Labrador Cross. Dog portraits

Photo Tip: Always take photo using natural light – avoid direct flash photography! If you are thinking of commissioning a head and shoulders portrait, move in as close as your pet will allow without them licking the lens, a good digital zoom is perfect for this purpose. Before sending photographs, make sure you are happy with colour balance and your subjects eye colouring. 


“Just a note to say thank you for the portrait. My unsuspecting mother was thrilled, if a little over-awed! The painting has pride of place in her lounge. Once again, thank you for all your hard work.
Michelle Day – Buckinghamshire UK

“Just a short note to say thank you so much for the beautiful portrait of Goodison. I could not have asked for a better likeness, it’s just what I had hoped for.
Helen Thomson – Kidderminster

“Thank you so much for the portrait, I think you have done a wonderful job…”
J.Ashley-Elliot – Cardiff

“Thank you for the wonderful portrait of our beloved dogs. Steve has raved about you as an artist, thank you for everything you have done for us. I intend to contact you again in the future to do some more artwork for us, and I’m sure that everyone that sees the painting will inquire about you. Thank you again and best wishes.
Allise Wachs – Michigan USA

“I wanted to let you know the response by my husband to the portrait you did for us. He was absolutely delighted, and it really is an excellent likeness of Jess; thank you very much indeed”
S Kendrick – Staffs